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Imagine how you would fit into what is going on in these chapters. Acts Chapter 5 vs. 16...all healed and Jesus is not there physically....vs 32 Holy Spirit witnesses with humans (this is new) Chap 6....organizing the Church...qualification to serve tables and administrate the community...good reputation, full of the Holy Spirit and wisdom. Stephan was also full of faith for reasons you find in next 2 chapters They were commissioned Chap. 5-6...most persecution comes from people who say they believe in God Chap of the great messages of clarity to reveal truth; mercy by one appointed to serve tables. Full of the same Holy Spirit the apostles were Chap 8 Persecution....not of apostles but of servant leaders; deacons; table servers Chap 9 The Lord takes the persecution personal While all this persecution is going on there is a wonderful move among all the people of the presence of God; hope; peace and joy It seems the "regular" folks are doing all the ministry.. a lot of supernatural stuff going on. Formation of early Church show a "people" dynamic. All were being led by the Holy Spirit. Affecting the whole region and all the people

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