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We love and support all of these ministries... let us know if you are interested in going on one of our mission   trips!

Seed Faith Ministries

Donna Kowalsky founded Seed Faith Ministries in September 1995.   She has an orphanage in Kampala, Uganda, East Africa.  Donna has established a feeding program, medical clinic, education program and is currently establishing a water filtration system that will be able to purify the water! 

MKMI - Mike Keyes Ministries International

Apostle Mike and Ethel Keyes have been in relationship with our church for over 25 years.  We have a strong relationship with both of them and appreciate their love for the Lord and their faithful commitment to serve people.  They usually speak at our church once a year in the fall.  You don't want to miss service when they are in town!


Their Philippines Headquarters is the MKMI Compound, located in Ozamiz City, in the island of Mindanao.  Inside the compound MKMI has five buildings which performs various functions related to the ministry's vision. 

What Matters Ministries and Missions

Ivan Tait and his wife, Kimberly, have been coming to our church for over 20 years.  We love Ivan and his family and can't wait until the next time they visit.  He brings such a powerful message and has very accurate instruction for the Body of Christ. 


They are the founders of What Matters Ministries and Missions.  Their purpose is to rescue orphans and widows and to feed the poor. 


They are the founders of Casa Angelina, in Guatemala an orphanage that houses many children as well as a medical clinic that is available to the local families.


They have also opened a school feeding program, and now give food to over 1400 kids in Nakuru, Kenya

What Matters Ministries and Missions

Andrew and Bethany met at Bible college in Australia. After meeting, they returned to Colorado where they were soon married on September 3, 2000. Bethany is the oldest daughter of Ivan and Kimberly Tait. Andrew and Bethany serve as the pastors of Casa Angelina, an orphanage in Guatemala.They have three children of their own—Ethan, India, and Arianna—who all speak Spanish. The family lives on the property of Casa Angelina.

Church of Transformation, Bogota Colombia

Eduardo and Faisuly Pastor the Church of Transformation in Bogota, Colombia and are a “sister” Church to us.  They have apostolic oversight of 25 Churches and ministries in Colombia. Eduardo and Fy are real Pastors to Pastors.  They travel extensively in Colombia to minister and are key in bringing many leaders of different denominations together for communication, prayer and impartation.  They have raised up many of the younger generation and are releasing them in their giftings upon Colombia.  They are a Father and Mother of the faith to those in Colombia and we are honored to know them.

Soul Harvest Missions

Charlie and Julie are the founders and leaders of Soul  Harvest Missions. Charlie was trained as a lawyer but received a life changing encounter with the Holy Spirit and exudes the passion and love of the  Lord for people and their callings.  They  are presently located in Antioquia, Colombia.  They are from America but have a strong call to other parts of the world.  Their gifting and anointing is to take young people and train them in prayer, the gifts and then to release them to minister.  They do this by having crusades and discovering young Churches, offering to assist and help them develop these areas.  They are very relational, caring and passionate in their character and giftings.  In all they do their hearts desire is to give away everything He has so wonderfully poured out upon them.  They epitomize gratefulness and thankfulness of all the Lord has done for them. They truly live by faith and we are honored to be in relationship with them and all they do.

City Gates Ministries, Olympia, WA

City Gates is a non-profit organization whose mission is to reach friends and neighbors through the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Using all donationas as tools, they  aim to bring a sense of hope and build long lasting relationships as they stabilize those who may be struggling with overwhelming poverty and hardship.


We have a team that goes to the streets of Olympia every Thursday evening.  If you want more information you can contact Holly Smith - text or call 360-701-3601.

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