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Sunday, June 21

Can you hear the starting bugle blowing?

Kellie reminded me to remind you this is not about eating or not eating.  This is about you personally getting involved corporately as you discern the Holy Spirit leading you.

You could physically or emotionally fast anything you believe you may need to.  What this is about, as you will read in Isaiah 58, let it speak to you.  A fast is an act of faith.  


     Day 1...repentance

     Day 2...prayer for the body of Christ in the world (our family)

     Day 3...random acts of kindness

Commit to 3 days this next week starting tomorrow Monday the 22 through Saturday the 27 of June 2020.

Be led by the Holy Spirit


Kickoff for Sunday evening the 21st...Read Isaiah 58 in the New Living Translation.

Repentance (we are wanting in this phase to take responsibility for our lives before the Lord; for our local House, and then in Phase 2 for the body of Christ. I will be sending you some prayers to assist you.)

Repentance is a verb, meaning we take action with our faith, mind, will, and emotions.  (submission of your thoughts, your will, and opinions)  Repentance removes guilt, remorse, regret, shame, confusion, unrighteousness, sorrow, transgressions, deceit (staying hidden/concealed), calamity (Ninevah), death, ignorance, blindness, stubbornness, unrepentant heart, storing up wrath, plagues, knawing ot the tongue (worry).  Why wouldn't we want to do this as needed?  Mark Stoppleworth went through all the bible and found these results for repent, and repentance. This is surely a day's work!!  This will lead us further in relational understanding and knowledge. Has to do with morality, thinking, and practice.

I will be sending scriptures and perhaps some crafted prayers early in the morning to assist you.  "The goodness of God leads us to repentance!"



Day 1


Questions you could ask as you begin:  some primer thoughts!! 

   How is my tongue aligned with your tongue or not Father?

   How is my mind not thinking your thoughts?  Help me!

   Is my will submitted to you?  Is my body submitted to you?

   Are the desires of my heart your desires Father?

   Help my unbelief!

   Is there any practice in my life offensive to you, Father?

    Help me put to shame and remorse under my me the power of the blood!

   Father, I depend wholly upon your grace and mercy.

   I yield to your purpose for the purity of my heart before you..."create in me a clean heart oh God!"

    Where I have yielded to an offense forgive me as I forgive others.

    Help me, Lord!  To embrace the transformation that is underway in me.  For the reformation that has begun in me.  Help me strike down the traditions of men I have embraced as my traditions and have put a wall up between me and you. You are calling me back and calling me up and I want to respond and answer.  Help me!

     Holy Spirit do your work in me; teach me, correct me, convict me, search me, rescue me, restore me.  Help me, Helper!


This does require some focus and purpose.  Only yield to what you believe the Lord is asking of you.  Maybe your head will try to get in there with old thoughts, or reminders but please remember any time you purpose to speak and listen to the Lord, He provides protection so depend on that!   Take a couple of deep breaths if you need to.  Put yourself in a physical location that will benefit you. Know that He loves you! 


Here is part of a word the Lord gave us in April 2014,,,Don't be afraid of this world I say.  I have already commanded it to obey.  I just need you to reinforce and represent my command and pretty soon the world will seem bland.  Because you will catch hold of what is in front of you that eternity and heaven can never be defeated.  If you will just begin to command and realize that I am the frontlet of your eyes.  I will keep you in the right lane, I will keep you on the right course, and I will keep you in the right race.  No need to find a different horse.  But I hear you say, "let the world go away!"  Here is what I sing back to you, I the Lord have set my way, you must hear and obey.  For there really is no other way!

The Lord says, I have given you the world to establish you, to make you, if you will obey.  All the obstacles and the stones are My way to transform you to be like me until that Day.  So, the world is not going away.  You must grasp Me, seek Me, and obey.  Then, when you are led in My way, you will know it has always been MY DAY!  I just wanted you to participate, see the victory, and the greatness set out there.  The world is never going to go away until I come on that day.  And, I will make it all brand new just like I have already done for you.  But, this world right now, is not going away.  So, take up your sword and begin to slay.  Move through every obstacle and every wall.  Take on every cancer and every call, because my world is not going away!

No matter if you all agree and say, let the world go away.

I will continue to sing back to you, "It's not going away, so you might as well stand up and look up and obey!"  Receive My call, My strength, My way.  That is why I am called the 'way" the "truth" and your "life."  So, you can have victory over every demon and every strife.  If you are born of me, I have made you to overcome so the world is not going away.  You can change your shoes and change your clothes, get new eyeglasses and paint your toes.  It gives you a new perspective you say, and the world begins to roar and say to you, "That's my way!"  

When I hear your cries of faith and desire for Me, I will invade your presence and come to see what I can do, what I can make be like Me.  If, you will trust and obey@



Day 2

I hope all is going awesome in this endeavor!  Remember, you are not alone!

Please read Daniel 9:2-14 for a perspective on how to pray for the Body of Christ in the world.  We are in a "better covenant" yet the consequences of our choices contrary to the will and plan of God have consequences.  

Use the word "body", or "family" instead of Jerusalem or Holy City.  They are a shadow and a type for us to understand who we are and who we are meant by God to be.  Because of the "blood" of Jesus Christ.

You can carry over from Day 1 thoughts, prayers, decrees, announcements, passion, etc.  This is meant to flow to the next step while drawing on the previous day.

May want to review Isaiah 58 and add to it Isaiah 57:13-21 and Isaiah 59.  These all are applicable fo this Day's prayer.

1 Peter 5:5-11; the Passion Translation is good here.

Some additional prayers, etc.

-Lord, we want our future to be one of a united family doing life together in submission to you and one another all over the earth.

-We speak to the Body of Christ and say we will unite and move as one all over the earth.

-Whatever needs to die in us as your people and family, help us, Helper, to put those things off.  Let the relational life with you empower us to change!  Settle our nature for your nature.

-Help us understand and live as our "brothers and sisters keepers!!

-We command the spirit of scattering to cease and a pang of hunger to gather to increase!

-We speak to pride and we say "no more!"  We humble ourselves before you Father and on behalf of your family.

-We call on the Righteous Judge to determine right counsel and direction and purpose

-We say, and call on the fire of God to come and burn all the chaff and residue of having embraced contrary counsel, contrary spirits of uncleanness and disharmony!

-Where we have empowered the enemy with our words of doubt,, accusation, fear, and self-preservation we repent!  We take the sword and strike those words and thus release light, faith, and love!

-Expand our hearts to embrace your family, Father.


As we are moving through this please be sensitive to the Lord's leading on actions you can take to affirm and set in motion the work of a repentant heart.

I will most likely be sending some other words out to you tomorrow and I will also be doing the online thing at around 7 p.m.

Let's stay the course!!!



Additional thoughts for Day 2

Notice principles in Matthew 17:18-21 and Acts 10:30-31


From Mark...Repentance releases: direction, healing, change in lifestyle (behavior), forgiveness, righteousness, refreshing, the gift of Holy Spirit, redemption, humility, seek or desire, God's ear, quiet (balance), life, compassion, knowledge, and clarity and awareness that the Kingdom of God is at hand, relationship, testimony, character, fulfills promises, patience, cleansing, goodness, mercy, an awakening, discipline, validation, peace, awareness, fruit-bearing, rest, trust, strength, answers, times of refreshing, performing appropriate deeds, proclamation, preservation...That is a lot to look forward too as individuals and as a Body, a family, of Believers.


Why would you not want to do this?



Day 3: 


Meanings of words out of Isaiah 58...(from Barbie's notes)

-Fast:  A fast. From the word tsuwm:  to cover over (the mouth)

-Loose:  to open wide, especially to loosen, begin, plow, carve, appear, break forth, draw (out) let go free, loose (self), unstop, ungird, have vent.

-Bonds:  Fetter (a restraint that confines) pain-band

-Wickedness:  A wrong (especially moral), iniquity, wicked.  From the word rash; to be wrong, to violate, to condemn, to vex.

-Burden:  Band, a burden

-Free:  Exempt (from bondage, tax, or care); free, liberty.

-Bread: Bread of life.

-Poor:  Depressed in mind or circumstances.

-Naked:  Those not covered by the blood of Jesus.

-Cover: To fill up the hollows (with the Holy Spirit), plump up, clothe.

-Own flesh:  The Body of Christ


Read and meditate on Luke 4:18-19:  The Spirit of the Lord is...

Acts God anointed Jesus with power, who went about doing good and healing all who were oppressed by the devil, for God as with Him.

Acts 5:16.

By now the Holy Spirit has impressed upon you someone or someones, or perhaps something to do.  These most likely will be out of your comfort zone so as you yield and obey and something is done you will know it was God and you got to participate.

Happy going and doing!



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